Registration date

Registrations will certainly start on Monday, 20th February 2017. Be careful, the number of participants is limited to 25 000. Registrations will be closed once this number is reached. For your information, this bib quota has been reached last year the 9th of June.

Elite & Preferential Numbers

In order to get a preferential number (start with the elite race), you'll have to ask us (just after being registered) by email to this address :

Here are our reference times :

Reference time Man Woman
10.000 m 33mn 39mn
15.000 m 50mn 1h
Semi Marathon 1h 20 mn 1h 30mn
Marathon 2h 40 mn 3h 20 mn
PARIS-VERSAILLES ® (2013 à 2015)
1h 05mn 1h 15mn