Race Official Rules

Section 1 - Organization

The 36th edition of Paris-Versailles ® takes place on 27th September 2015 and is organized by Paris-Versailles ® Association (P.V.A.), Law 1901 association.

Section 2 - Course

The course of 16km is in compliance with the federal and international rules of the races on road (FFA and IAAF). The departure will be given on September 27th, 2015 from 10:00 am, on the Quai Branly in Paris (at the level of the west pillar of the Eiffel Tower). The arrival will be judged in Versailles on the avenue of Paris, in front of number 51. The course of the event is available for consultation on the site www.parisversailles.com

Section 3 - Registration

The event is opened to the runners licensees and not licensees, born in 1997 and before (according to the off stadium 2015 rules from FFA). The registrations are made as from February 1st by Internet on the site www.parisversailles.com.

The price of individual commitment is 28 € for any registration made before June 1st, 2015 then 34€ from June 1st till July 31st 2015.

The deadline of all registrations is fixed at July 31st 2015 on a basis of 25.000 competitors. However if the number of 25 000 runners is reached registrations will be closed at once.

No registration will be carried out directly hand to hand at Versailles, or by telephone.

Any record will be considered incomplete if it does not include all the following documents :

  • official registration form duly completed,
  • payment of fees,
  • medical certificate or copy of medical certificate or copy of your sporting license as valid.

Warning : in accordance with Articles L231-2 and L 231-3 of the Code of sport and the Circular No. 13 of 21 April, 2008 of the FFA, will only accept certificates issued by a medical doctor, dated less than 1 year from the date of the race and bearing reference to the following clause : "shows no indication against the practice of running in competition" or "shows no indication against the practice of athletic competition".

Runners licensees at FFA must put their license number on the registration form and attach a copy of their valid license (season 2015/2016).

Competition licenses from FSCF,FSGT and UFOLEP are accepted if they show precisely the word "athletics" (Circular No. 13 of April 21, 2008 of the FFA).

Following an agreement reached between the FFTRI ("Fédération Française de Triathlon"), the FFA and the Ministry of Sports (Circular No. 46, November 19, 2008 of the FFA) the off stadium race organizers can now accept FFTRI competition licenses.

According to this two circulars of the FFA, licensees from FFTRI, FSCF, FSGT and UFOLEP could register on the Paris-Versailles ® without presentation of an additional medical certificate. You must attach a copy of your valid license (season 2015/2016).

Other licenses can not be accepted.

Missing pieces of your registration record must be submitted before August 31st, 2015 at 23:59 by email at inscription@parisversailles.com or at the following address :

OXYBOL / Centre de Traitement Paris-Versailles
10, rue Marie Hillion

Section 4 - Entry

Each entry is considered as non-transferable and final. No refund will be made whatever the reasons. Any person retroceding his bib to a third party will be held responsible in case of an accident arising or provoked by this third party during the competition. The organisation is exempt from all responsibility in case of an accident in such situation. The number must be fully legible, worn and placed on the torso during the race.

Section 5 - Runner numbers collection

Numbers and chips can be collected upon presentation of the collecting order or an ID card, in the Village Animation located at the Palais des Sports Robert Charpentier in Issy-les-Moulineaux, on Friday, September 25th, 2015 from 11 am till 8 pm and Saturday, September 26th, 2015 from 9 am till 7 pm.

No number and no chip will be sent by mail.

Article 6 - Timing

The timing will be made by a timekeeper approved by the FFA with the ChampionChip system. All registrants will receive a chip that must be attached to your shoe laces.
This chip is not reusable on another race, it is automatically initialized at the starting line. Intermediate timings can be realized on the course. For your time to be credited at the finish, you must run the entire race on the road : NO CHIP, NO TIME.
The chip, which is not recovered by the organization at the finish of the race. It is offered to the runner as a souvenir or can be freely given to the organization team, for recycling purpose.

Section 7 - Race time

The participants have a latest arrival time set at 1:30 pm. After the passage of the vehicle of the end of race, and on one-sided decision of the organization, a runner will be declared "out of time", meaning he is disqualified. His number will be removed from him. Any runner disqualified deciding to continue the race will make it under his whole responsibility, will have to conform to the rules of traffic and the organization cannot be held responsible for accidents.

Section 8 - Elite number

The organization provides an Elites priority system of departure for the runners asking for it and able of giving evidence of a ranking performance of less than 1:05 on the distance of 16km or less than 1:20 on Half marathon, realized in 2015 or 2016.

Section 9 - Ranking

The general ranking "scratch" and the age categories will lead to a separated ranking in agreement with FFA rules. Runners are reminded of controls that will be made during the event to provide perfect conditions of regularity of running.

Section 10 - Federal rules

The FFA establishes and commissions a jury consisted of judges arbitrators whose power of decision is without appeal. They are assisted in their missions of officials and stewards. Refreshment points are installed in the KM 5.3 ; KM 8.5 ; KM 13.1 and in the arrival. The competitor makes a commitment on the honor not to anticipate the departure and to go through the complete distance before crossing the finishing line.

Section 11 - Safety / Medical services

Paris-Versailles ® Association in association with the Police headquarters of Paris assured the implementation of all the possible measures allowing to ensure the safety of runners and spectators as part of the event. Medical services of the event will be provided by the French Red Cross, in particular through 15 rescue posts located on the course. Emergency physicians recruited by the organization, present in 7 of these posts may decide to stop a competitor for health reasons. His number will be removed, meaning without appeal he is disqualified. All disqualified runners deciding to continue the race will do under its full responsibility and the organization can not be held responsible for accidents.

Doping controls can be made in the arrival of the race.

Section 12 - Insurances

Liability : In accordance with prevailing legislation, the organiser has taken out liability insurancecovering its own public liability as well as that of its representatives and all participants in the Paris-Versailles ®. Regarding the liability of participants, the intervention of the insurance for them is limited to accidents they may cause during the course of the event.
An insurance certificate can be provided to participants on request.

Personal accident : The organization recommends that all participants who have no insurance to cover their personal injury, especially when they are not licensed members of a sports federation, to take out personal accident insurance as part of their participation in the race.

Section 13 - Right of publicity

In its commitment to the race, each competitor expressly authorizes Paris-Versailles ® Association (or its assigns) to use or to make use or reproduce or make reproduce his name, image, voice heard at the Paris-Versailles 2015 and his sports performance realized during this event for any direct use or as a derivative of the race and on any media, all over the world, by all the known or unknown means at this time, and for the duration of protection being given to those farms directly or derived by the laws or regulations, judicial decisions or arbitration of any country and by international conventions existing or future, including any extensions that may be made at this time.

Section 14 - Traffic on the course

Bicycles, machines with roulettes or motorized are formally forbidden on the course, safe provided with an accreditation of the organization.

Section 15 - Retirement

Every competitor wishing to retire will have to appear at a refreshment post or a first-aid post to give his number.

Section 16 - Rewards

The award ceremony of the event will take place in Versailles after the arrival. Will be rewarded the best 3 women and the best 3 men. The participants crossing the finishing line, within the time limit allowed, will receive a medal in reward.

Section 17 - Sport for people with disabilities

The event is opened to the disabled runners. A departure "sport for people with disabilities" will be given by anticipation, only for the runners in wheelchair licencees in the "Disabled French Federation" (FFH). The runners licensees in the FFH suffering from quite other handicap will take necessarily the common departure in one of the waves.

Section 18 - Toilets

Paris-Versailles ® Association invites the runners to use toilets provided to them at the start line, on the course and in the arrival.

Section 19 - CNIL

CNIL is a watchdog committee supervising the application of data protection legislation.

Information gathered is necessary for registration. They are subject to processing and are destined for the racing office of the association. Under Articles 39 and following of the Act of January 6th, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right and receive information about you, you just write to us indicating your names, first names and address.

Your details may be transferred to the partners of the event. If you do not want to, please tick the dedicated box on the registration form.

Section 20 - Acceptance

Participation in the Paris-Versailles ® involves explicit acceptance by each competitor in the rules and the Ethics Charter of Paris-Versailles ®, available below.

Ethics Charter

Office National des Forêts

By participating in Paris-Versailles ®, you take the commitment of :


  • Do not throw anything on the ground beyond the gutters or edge of the roadway and away from areas of supply, to protect the environment and facilitate recovery.
  • Respect Public Areas using the toilets made available by the organization at the Stade Emile Anthoine in Paris in the airlock out, three-term supplies and arrival.
  • Do not leave the official route to preserve the forest and wildlands through.
  • Use as far as possible public transit or carpooling upstream and downstream of the Paris-Versailles ®.


  • Do not cheat before, during or after the race.
  • Do not use any doping substance.
  • Respect others: runners, volunteers, spectators.
  • Help make Paris-Versailles la Grande Classique ® a festive, fun and sharing time.
  • Run or walk on the right side of the roadway to facilitate overtaking on the left for runners faster than you.


  • Assist anyone who needs it.

We reckon upon you!