Official Rules

Article 1 - Organization

As part of Paris-Versailles la Grande Classique ®, Paris Versailles Association (P.V.A.) - Law 1901 association - and mayor of Chaville organize the Chaville-Versailles Walk.

Article 2 - Course

The course is 5km long. The race will start September 25th, 2016 at 10:00 am at the Sports Center Jean Jaurès. The arrival will be judged in Versailles on the avenue of Paris. The Walk course use the last 5km of the Race course. The course of the event is available for consultation on the website

Article 3 - Registration

The Walk is open to everyone.

The price of individual commitment is 5€. Free for minors.

For comfort and security reasons, the Walk is limited to 1000 registered people.

Pre-registration can be done via the Internet, effective May 20th, on the website

Registration will be made Sept. 25 at the Sports Center Jean Jaurès of Chaville by completing the official registration form.

To be complete, the file must contain all of the following :

  • official registration form duly completed,
  • Payment of registration fee (cash or check payable to Paris-Versailles ® Association).

Article 4 - Entry

Each entry is considered as non-transferable and final. No refund will be made whatever the reasons. Any person retroceding his bib to a third party will be held responsible in case of an accident arising or provoked by this third party during the competition. The organisation is exempt from all responsibility in case of an accident in such situation.

Article 5 - Bibs collection

Bibs can be collected at Village Entertainment located at the Sports Center Jean Jaurès of Chaville, Sunday September 25th 2016, from 8am to 9:30am. upon presentation of :

  • the collecting order or an ID card, after Internet pre-registration,
  • the official registration form duly completed, after on-site registration.

No bib will be sent by post.

Article 6 - Free style Walk

The Walk is not timed.
There is no classification at the end of the Walk.
The bibs are not numbered.

Article 7 - Safety / Medical services

Paris-Versailles ® Association secured the implementation of all possible means to ensure the safety of runners and spectators as part of the event. Medical services are provided by the French Red Cross.

Article 8 - Insurance

Liability: in accordance with prevailing legislation, the organiser has taken out liability insurance covering its own public liability as well as that of its representatives and all participants in the Walk Chaville-Versailles. An insurance certificate can be provided to participants on request.

Personal accident: The organization recommends that all participants who have no insurance to cover their personal injury, especially when they are not licensed members of a sports federation, to take out personal accident insurance as part of their participation in the walk.

Article 9 - Right of publicity

In its commitment to the race, each competitor expressly authorizes Paris-Versailles ® Association (or its assigns) to use or to make use or reproduce or make reproduce his name, image, voice heard at the Walk Chaville-Versailles 2016 and his sports performance realized during this event for any direct use or as a derivative of the race and on any media, all over the world, by all the known or unknown means at this time, and for the duration of protection being given to those farms directly or derived by the laws or regulations, judicial decisions or arbitration of any country and by international conventions existing or future, including any extensions that may be made at this time.

Article 10 - CNIL

CNIL is a watchdog committee supervising the application of data protection legislation.

Information gathered is necessary for registration. They are subject to processing and are destined to the racing office of the association. Under Articles 39 and following of the Act of January 6th, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right and receive information about you, just write us indicating your full name and address.

Your details may be transferred to the partners of the event. If you do not want, please check the dedicated box on the registration form.

Article 11 - Acceptance

Registration in the Walk Chaville-Versailles implies that you accept the terms and conditions specified herein.