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Our objective is to participate in the fight against the exclusion of physically disabled persons. To that end, we take part in running events which help demonstrate that what is doable in exceptional circumstances can also be achievable in the everyday life.

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Dunes d'Espoir - Paris-Versailles ® 2008

Who are we ?

Dunes d'Espoir is a non-profit, humanitarian association.

It was founded in 1998 with the objective of increasing the interest of physically disabled youngsters in athletic pursuits, particular through their participation in running events. Runners from the Association take part in numerous runs in the Paris area and other French regions, and also internationally.

The association numbers some 100 active members, of which sixty are in the Paris area, and the other forty spread between the North, Alsace, Nantes and the South of France.

We work with specialized educational institutions.

The Association was founded by a small group of marathon runners who wanted to share their passion with disabled children and teenagers. It allows them to participate in regular running events thanks to the use of the “joëlette”, a specially designed one-wheel chair. During the race, runners rotate regularly to push/pull the “joëlette”, adapting the rhythm and speed of the run to the comfort and safety of the disabled youngster.

The sole objective is to give them and their families the opportunity to discover activities which may appear to be closed to them or, at least, very difficult of access.

Disabled youngsters can derive a renewed energy from sporting activities, which are characterized by perseverance and the drive to succeed. Their participation in competitive events allows them to reach their dreams and push back the limits of the exclusion to which they are too often subjected.

Please visit our web site : http://www.dunespoir.com

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