Communication tools

Use our communication tools to mobilize friends and colleagues :

 Tools in Portuguese click here

  1. The media kit
    Below you will find information about the announcement and promotion of the Paris-Versailles race.
    Media kit being prepared
  2. Web Banners
    Choose the size, format and add a banner on your intranet or blog
    Download the banner « Facebook » 3908×1402
    Download the banner « Horizontal » 1500×500
    Download the banner « Horizontal » 580×80
    Download the banner « Square » 300×250
    Download the banner « Horizontal » 468×100
    Download the banner « Vertical » 175×400
  3. The poster
    Print the official poster and place it on places of life to mobilize friends and colleagues.
    Download the poster in A3 format in PDF
    Download the poster in A3 format in JPG
  4. The Bookmark
    Send the Bookmark to your friends to mobilize them.
    Download the Bookmark in PDF
    Download the Bookmark in JPG (front)
    Download the Bookmark in JPG (back)
  5. Social networks
    Join the Fans of Paris-Versailles on the Facebook page and invite your friends to run : Facebook
    Follow us on twitter : Twitter
    Subscribe to our YouTube Channel : Youtube
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