Résultats 2017

Below are indicated the number of finishers classed by category (click on one of the following link to display the 25 first runners of the considered category) :

Catégorie Homme Femme
Junior (1997-1998)
Espoir (1994-1996)
Sénior (1977-1993)
Master 1 (1967-1976)
Master 2 (1957-1966)
Master 3 (1947-1956)
Master 4 (1937-1946)
Master 5 (1936 and below)

Individual results for the 40th Paris-Versailles
Your transit at the top of the Côte des Gardes in video in 2017
Group results for the last Paris-Versailles
Exhaustive list of 40th Paris-Versailles results (PDF, 224 pages)
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