Arrival organization

The arrival of each participant is validated by the passage of the chip sticked to your bib on the carpets just after the finish line.

To have your time registered, you need to pass the finish line before 1:30pm (13:30).

On arrival you will receive a provisioning bag and the medal of the race.

Our two speakers will comment on the arrival of all the runners and the presentation of the trophies on the podium.

Finish zone access for accompanying persons

The finish line is located at 51 avenue de Paris, in front of palace.

You can park your car in Versailles in the morning and use the RER C. You will thus be able to change your clothes upon your arrival in Versailles.

Meeting points

Several large tags you can use to give appointments will be arranged after the finish line. They are named according to big european cities : Amsterdam, Athènes, Berlin, Bruxelles, Copenhague, Dublin, Lisbonne, Londres, Luxembourg, Helsinki, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm et Vienne.

Showers and cloakrooms

It is possible to shower and change at the Montbauron Stadium, 500m on the right after the finish line, via the Passage de l’Abbé Picard.

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