Race kit retrieval

No number and timing chip will be sent by mail. Race kit pick-up will take place during our Espace Retrait des Dossards (follow this link for schedules and access map). No race kit will be given on Sunday !

All individual runners will receive by email, around 10 days before the race, their race kit voucher. It is not mandatory to bring with a physical print of the voucher, it will be first of all useful for you to get knowledge of your personnal number and check your registration status. At our Village Expo, you will only have to present yourself in front of the corresponding bibs range, and after checking your identity, you will be given your race kit. You will be also able to download your race kit voucher at the same time on the page Runners list. Do not forget to bring a copy of your medical certificate if your registration file is not complete !

For groups : each group manager will be able to get one global race kit voucher for every runners of his/her group through the registered group list around 10 days before the race. On the voucher is mentionned the group number, the exhaustive list of every runners with their bib and registration status (complete/uncomplete). You will gain time by withdrawing in one time all race kits.

In order to get the enveloppe of another person, you can go directly at the number race pick up place with his/her ID card (and eventually the voucher).

Without the race kit voucher, you only need to know your number (it is possible to get it on any smartphone or with the help of any volunteer), your registration status (certificate already given or not) will be verified by the volunteer in charge of your number.

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