Paris-Versailles Association

Paris-Versailles is a non profit association founded in 1979 under the name “Groupement Sportif Versaillais”.

Originally, it mission was to strengthen the relations between sports associations and to contribute to the animation of the city of Versailles. Its president from 1979 to 1989 was Lucien Forsans until his death. Since then Jean-Marc Fresnel was then elected Chairman and re-elected to his position until 2020, when he died from Covid-19. The members of the association then elected a new president, Sylvain Fresnel, who was until now general secretary.

In 1991, the association changed its name to “Paris-Versailles Association” and decided to have only one goal : organizing the course linking Paris to Versailles, the Paris-Versailles.

The association has currently 22 members and is administered by a Steering Committee composed of 5 members elected for 3 years by the General Assembly.

Any sport association representative can be a member as long as his/her association is recognized by the city of Versailles. After a probationary period of at least two years, a new member can enter the association after decision of the General Assembly, on the proposal of the Steering Committee.

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